Glenwood Automotive

1333 Yarmouth Ave #3
Boulder, CO 80304
40.058358 -105.280637
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135 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (135)

 5     Frances 11/13/2015
Love doing business with Glenwood Auto. They are honest and do what they say they will do for the price they say they will do it. Trust them!

 5     Barney 11/12/2015
Glenwood Auto has one major problem: They don't charge enough for their services! Our Jeep would not start, and they found the issue, came up with a great solution, and the charge was WAY TO LOW!

 5     James 10/23/2015
Excellent! They quickly identified and fixed the problem I requested (slow starts, from a dying battery), and took the initiative to identity and fix another problem (oil leak, from a loose oil filter). Thank you!

 5     Bonnie 10/01/2015
I love Glenwood Auto! They are friendly, personable, professional, efficient, experienced, trustworthy, have a super clean and ecofriendly shop and are convenient to my neighborhood. I can count on them to get my car running again! Thank you, Glenwood Auto!

 5     Tom 10/01/2015
I REALLY like working with these guys! It's not just the work they do (which is very good). It is their attitudes about how they approach me and my car. I honestly feel they are committed to make the repairs I need and not building up the bill. Having said that, they have provided input on repairs that are critical and should be done to maintain the safety of the vehicle.

 5     Coni 10/01/2015
Glenwood automotive is the best shop in boulder! Larry, Steve and Alan are the most knowledgable and honest repair shop I've ever been to. Dont hesitate taking your vehicle to them. You will be treated with kind and fair kid gloves!

 5     Santiago 09/29/2015
Taking your vehicle to these guys is like taking your car to the doctor. They are honest, straightforward and do impeccable work.

 5     Absolute 09/24/2015
Best shop ever!!!!

 5     Steve 09/08/2015

 5     Barney 08/21/2015
Your amazing and you DONT CHARGE ENOUGH! Love that your in Boulder and your keeping our old Jeep Laredo alive! Barney Moran Boulder Resident 20 years

 5     Gavin 08/20/2015
Thanks for replacing the starter on my work truck on such short notice, as in the same day I brought it in. I didn't lose any time because of your prompt service, Certainly appreciate it. I'll be back. G Bell Louisville

 5     Jim/Molly 08/06/2015
locally owned, great service!

 5     Charles 08/06/2015
Fast, friendly, reasonable. Wouldn't take my car anywhere else, and wouldn't recommend anyone else.

 5     Connie 07/26/2015
Excellent Service, Knowledge, and Work Competence for the entire 20+ years I've been bringing my autos to Glennwood!

 5     Gavin 07/23/2015
As an owner of multiple vehicles (personal and business),I see Larry and company more than most. I keep coming back. professional, prompt, honest. Works for me. Gavin

 5     James 06/18/2015

 5     Robert 06/18/2015
We were very impressed with the facility and the honesty of the owner and employees! We felt we had an a very slow oil leak (maybe a pan gasket) but you determined there was no problem with our vehicle. We were amazed that there was "no charge" to look our vehicle over. We have found the repair shop we will always use in the future!

 5     Eve 06/04/2015
Glenwood Automotive remains a reliable, trustworthy business. The service provided is outstanding. We were able to have our vehicle serviced on short notice, and it is running smoothly now. We trust that there will not be any extra charges for things that aren't necessary, and that our vehicle will be 100% safe to drive.

 5     Bruce 06/04/2015
Glenwood Auto rocks. These guys are pros and they don't come with an attitude. Each time I have had work done on my car they have completed it quickly and correctly.

 5     Gloria 06/01/2015
Trust-worthy. Polite and cordial. Knows the problem and fixes it with great efficiency. Wouldn't go to anyone else for service on my car. Thank you Glenwood Automotive.

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